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[Rally Today, ‪January 10‬] Thinking about every life affected by the severe and ongoing bushfires in Australia right now and all who will come together today to protest/demand long term meaningful climate action from those in power as well as justice for the future of life on this planet. Thinking about everything, everyone. Wishing I was there. I know it’s a really tough time and everyone’s doing what they can. ❤️ Don’t forget to write and get to know your local member of parliament and if you need help check out the resource @annarose_richards put together. Or hit up @kashimai she will do it for you if you send her your address! If you are in the position to donate money check out: Go Fund Me (Fire Relief Fund For First Nations Communities) (via @drmngnow) Go Fund Me (On The Ground 2020)(via @newgenderwhodis) (Empower Firesticks Practitioners To Restore Cultural Fire) (via @wildlifevictoria @wireswildliferescue @nswrfs @cfsfoundation @redcrossau + many more Actually @russhmagazine has put together a really great guide and I've linked it in my profile. 😊🖇 Some other things that can be done are supporting local business from fire-affected areas via: @spendwiththem @buyfromthebush Or even sewing for injured animals (via @animalrescuecraftguild) 🐨🧡 Consider switching your super or bank accounts to funds and banks that don’t put money into fossil fuels (very important!) Australian Ethical and Bank Australia are some options. I’ve been staying informed while overseas by reading: @guardianaustralia @abcnews_au @theclimatecouncil And for the long haul: @350org @stopadanimovement @extinctionrebellion (@extinctionrebellionsydney) Gonna be participating in several fire relief art auctions and will be posting about these artworks and events soon ❤️ Lots of love to everyone and stay safe.

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